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Silver Streak LLC was founded by Mike & Betty Mallon in 1978 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Silver Streak has built a reputation for providing the best professional and friendly customer service in the gift industry. Their impressive printed catalog with over 1000 different items to choose from has made them the leading wholesale distributor for natural minerals, gifts, souvenirs, and jewelry.

In the Silver Streak product catalog you will find diverse variety of natural and color enhanced tumbled stones, geodes, amethyst, agates, minerals, and jewelry from around the globe. Silver Streak takes pride in ensuring the best quality products are provided to their customers by making sure that each item is hand picked before importing. This worldwide collection of products offered by Silver Streak allows retail stores to sell top quality products from around the world at reasonable prices. 


In 1994 Silver Streak changed the Tumbled Stone Business with a new display and an incredible new way to sell Tumbled Stone. The display was the Ore Car Attraction. It is perfectly themed to the Gem and Mineral retail business.


The retail sales of Tumbled Stone went mainstream when Silver Streak introduced selling it by the bag, giving your customer an interactive educational choice of more than 50 different Semi-Precious Gemstones to start their own collection. It is simple, pour the stone into the display, watch your customer dig for just the right stones for their collection and then pay you more than 200% profit. It has now been 24 years and there are more than 900 Ore Cars in Theme Parks, Truck Stops, Airport Shops, Bookstores and every type of Gift Store you can imagine. These locations have generated sales of more than 10 million pounds of Tumbled Stone and are showing no signs of slowing down.


Our success didn’t stop there; the next great selling item is the Crystal Jewelry Collection. Displaying this beautiful jewelry on a natural Manzanita tree has had some impressive results. Our customers with the countertop Manzanita Tree Display are experiencing sales of 600 to 900 Crystal Necklaces per season, all with a three time markup. In 2016 Silver Streak added a new Manzanita Tree Wall Display, perfect for customers wanting to add the highly profitable line but are short on space for the countertop version of the display.


Throughout the catalog you will find more great themed displays. Many of them exceed the definition of a display; they are attractions that make your store a much more interesting place to shop.


While working in Brazil in July of 2004 Mike helped in the development of the process to achieve color enhanced amethyst. WOW what a success! Color so intense you have to see it to believe it! Silver Streak has trademarked the name Extreme Amethyst which only comes close to describing this beautiful gemstone.


With fast turnaround, and a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee you’ll know why Silver Streak has set the pace in the industry! We look forward to helping you place your first order!


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